Telecom Auditing

We can provide an audit of all communication related expenses.
•Analyze competitive rates and accuracy of billing in order to provide the most cost effective solution for your organization.
•On average, we discover and recover billing errors that average 10% to 30% on each monthly Telecommunications invoice.
•Our goal is to reduce monthly communication expenses. This includes all voice, data and long distance services, networking and communication devices.
•With a thorough audit of each bill, we can recommend the reduction, elimination or consolidation of those expenses. Then, with your approval we will implement these changes.
•The goal is to save as much money as possible with a solution that makes sense.

Client will receive:
•A full itemized inventory of each location/account detail.
•Detailed descriptions of the function of each communication service.
•A financial analysis of current rates vs. new reduced rates after the recommended savings were implemented.

Who will be engaged during the process?
•Our auditors will contact the parties authorized to work with them on the project.
•Our auditors will be collecting the data from the customer contact.
•Our auditors will coordinate calls and findings presentations with the customer contact.
•Our auditors will work directly with the carrier teams to generate pricing, validate account information, negotiate contracts, validate orders and billing.

What will occur during the Audit?
•We will compile an inventory of all services
•We will identify any billing errors
•We will review taxation compliance and validate exemptions compliance
•We will review tariff against contract and inventory
•We will validate billing against customer service records
•We will review long distance usage against contract
•We will make test calls to validate the assignment of each number