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Business Phone Systems

Affordable. Powerful. Reliable.

With OTM supplier, you’ll get so much more than just a business telephone, you’ll get a complete phone solution. Clients choose us because our business phone systems and services are not only reliable and affordable, but they also help business owners and managers sell, service, and collaborate with ease. With a variety of added features and deployment options, Fonality makes it easy to do business with us.

With our business phone systems, you’ll get features including:

  • Integrated Call Management and Collaboration
  • Distributed Worker Support
  • Trouble-Free Administration
  • And Much More!


Integrated Call Management and Collaboration


  • Drag and Drop Call Handling – Quickly and easily put a call on hold or transfer calls to any extension or voicemail box with the click of a mouse.
  • Voicemail Management & Transcription – Access voicemail via phone, email, SMS or the desktop. Manage, store, and even read your voicemail messages.
  • Personalized Call Routing – With Find Me/Follow Me, you’ll never miss another important call. Set your own rules to ring multiple devices or external numbers simultaneously, and create privileged rules for VIP callers.
  • Built-in Presence and Chat – See which team members are on the phone and who is available for a quick chat using the built in presence and IM capabilities.
  • Click-to-Dial – A browser-based plug-in for web browsers that turns phone numbers on a webpage into hyperlinks that when clicked on, dials that phone number on your telephone.


Public Cloud

Public Cloud

You might have heard terms like “Hosted PBX”, “Cloud PBX” or “Virtual PBX” when shopping around for the right phone system solution for your business. There’s really not much difference. To put it simply, OTM’s supplier public cloud phone system solution allows you all the features the big guys have without worrying about an actual PBX box at your business location. Instead, we host your phone service on our servers using your internet connection and provide you the desk phones. Pair that with an affordable monthly price and without all the headaches of owning, installing and managing complicated hardware and software.

No matter the size or location, OTM can simplify the way you manage your business communications with our cloud phone system.

Top 6 reasons customers choose a public cloud phone system from OTM/Fonality:

  • Easy-to-Use Advanced Features

    OTM/Fonality offers advanced features for office phones like multiple auto attendants, call recording and contact center functionality like barge, whisper and monitor to communicate more efficiently between your agents and customers.

  • Built-In Collaboration for Increased Productivity

    OTM/Fonality provides the communication tools to save employees up to 2 hours a day in productivity. Enjoy instant messaging, screen sharing, presence and even video collaboration from one easy-to-use Heads Up Display.

  • Available Anywhere

    Because the brains of the phone system are located in the cloud, it is easy to connect from anywhere. Multiple locations can operate seamlessly on the same phone system and remote workers are connected exactly as if they were just a cubicle away.

  • Drop Dead Simple Installation

    You don’t have to have a PhD in telephony or a team of IT gurus to use OTM/Fonality’s company VoIP service. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most to your business. Our installation process makes getting started a piece of cake.

  • Easily Grows with Your Business

    Cloud PBX solutions are perfect for growing businesses. Subscribe and pay for only the number of employees you have now and add on as you grow. There’s no need to guess your future capacity needs.

  • Unified Caller Experience

    Give callers the same experience across all of your locations and mobile devices. With 4-digit dialing between offices and the ability to transfer calls from one location to another, you’ll achieve greater efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Private Cloud Icon

Private Cloud

Don’t get us wrong, we love Public Cloud. Having your VoIP business phone system hosted in the Public Cloud is like living in an apartment building with nice amenities and great rent. But sometimes, neighbors get noisy. Or you want to have the freedom to paint the walls something other than white. With Fonality Private Cloud, it’s like moving your phone system into a home that’s all yours. It’s a deployment option you’ll only get with us. Who should consider Private Cloud? We find it’s a great fit for larger organizations. But it’s also amazing for anyone who wants IT server access, to connect with their own MPLS or point-to-point circuit, or just likes a little more elbow room.

3 big reasons to choose Fonality Private Cloud for your phone system:

  1. No Clusters = No Cluster Outages – Your own dedicated server in our data center means another customer’s busy day will never ruin yours.
  2. IT Server Access – Customize your system like no other cloud VoIP provider allows thanks to IT access to your Fonality server.
  3. Internet or MPLS Choice – Only OTM/Fonality lets you bring your own bandwidth provider and MPLS circuit. Connect the way you like.




Hybrid hosting is your stepping stone to the cloud
With the myriad of advantages, more and more companies are becoming comfortable with hosting applications in the cloud. Whether your company is ready to leverage the benefits of a pure cloud solution or not, Fonality has a solution that enables you to migrate at a pace determined by your business needs. Not ready for a pure cloud solution? Fonality provides a unique Hybrid-Hosted® environment by offering a best-of-breed approach.

With OTM/Fonality’s hybrid PBX, hardware resides at the customer’s site. Elements such as call security, automatic default failovers and call control remain at the discretion of the customer. In order to increase efficiency and flexibility into the communication solution, the user and administrative control panels reside in the cloud, hosted within one of two Fonality data centers and available anywhere, anytime with a network connection. This hybrid hosting approach enables IT managers to now focus on more important elements of a growing and dynamic business, rather than worrying about configuration backups and the hassles of rolling a service truck for moves, adds, and changes.

  • Flexibilty of Hosted

  • Available software updates

  • Anytime, anywhere access

  • Seamless scalability

  • Configuration backups

  • Moves, Adds, Changes in minutes

  • Reliability of Premise

  • Investment protection

  • IP PBX on-site

  • Auto PSTN Failover

  • Least cost routing

HUD Mobile   Calls   Smartphone

Understanding Unified Communications

Unified communications – or UC for short – may not be a household name…but it’s hit the big time when it comes to business productivity.
Industry experts UCStrategies defined unified communications as “communications integrated to optimize business processes” back in 2006. Yet they also remind us that this definition isn’t what’s really important. What’ll knock your socks off is what UC can do for your business.

With UC, one application display rules them all. Manage your phone calls, voicemail, instant messaging (IM), conference calls, email, screen sharing, video conferences, and even who’s at their desk or on the phone (known as “presence”) on one screen. That makes it easy to connect quickly and easily with the right people at the right time, from any location or device.UC refers to software that bring together a bunch of communication and collaboration tools into a – you guessed it – unified experience. Business UC gives you one place to connect with everyone in your company as well as with your customers and suppliers.