Riveroaks Reformed Presbyterian Church

Our church installed a new security system, which included cameras, alarm system, and key fobs for our main entry doors. Everything was working properly for the first few weeks, until we had a power outage.  Once this occurred, we started experiencing numerous problems with the systems.  The major problem was our Internet provider and our old out of date phone system.  We tried for several months to resolve the problems ourselves, but our lack of expertise only made matters worse. 

We called Richard Halstead and OutTouch Ministries and met with him.  Richard made several recommendations that would solve most of our concerns, which included a new Internet provider and a new up to date phone system.

Once these new systems were installed and operational, we have now been able to use the systems for what they are designed.  We are continuing to work with Richard and OutTouch for other issues and are looking forward to a long-term relationship with him.  It has been a pleasure to work with Richard and his team.

  • Mike Hazlewood
  • Riveroaks Reformed Presbyterian Church