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Welcome to OutTouch Ministries     

nacb-logoThe Church Network is the organization for you and your church. Membership offers valuable opportunities to leverage collective thought of a large, diverse group of church administrative leaders with a wide range of experiences and resources.  "Don't go it alone
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Shared Church Services cord
OTM is the telecom division of CORD SCS, which is a program that offers products, resources, tools and services directly related to churches, Christian schools, camps and other ministries. SCS has saved organizations over $27 Million and growing. OutTouch Ministries is Telecom division for SCS members. >> Learn more...

Shared Church Services ngmlogo
OutTouch Ministries is a proud partner of NovaGiant Media. NovaGiant is a reliable source for developing a cohesive image, specializing in all marketing forms and excelling in digital media. Exceptional understanding of church and ministry based web design. >> Learn more...

Cost Stewardship Cost Stewardship
Cost Stewardship is pleased to partner with OutTouch Ministries in our joint mission to support faith based organizations.  We have experienced very positive results sharing the OutTouch offerings for telecom, data and internet.  We are also pleased to partner with OTM by offering an array of tax exemption and refund programs that provide very tangible savings for ministries.


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