Bellevue Baptist Church

As the business administrator for a large church, I am continually looking for ways to minimize our expenses. One of the best decision I’ve made in this regard was to engage OutTouch Ministries. Bellevue Baptist Church has been utilizing the services of OutTouch Ministries for several years, and we have experienced incredible financial savings from simply allowing OTM to serve as our consultant and negotiate with vendors on our behalf. Their staff has a high level of expertise in a subject matter that many financial officers are not well versed – telecommunications.

By simply allowing OTM to negotiate on our behalf, Bellevue has benefitted with tremendous cost savings and also with high quality telecommunications services customized for our organization.

The staff of OTM has always been professional and responsive to us when we’ve asked for their assistance with a particular need. Their heart and passion for serving the Lord through their ministry is vividly evident. They do all the leg work searching and negotiating with vendors so that we have to do nothing but benefit from their hard work, and experience savings from high quality, thoroughly vetted vendors. OTM’s emphasis has always been on finding us cost savings without sacrificing quality. And they live up to their promise of helping an organization save money on products and services – which allowed Bellevue to have more budget dollars to go toward our ministry.

I strongly recommend OTM and their services to any organization wanting to save money, experience outstanding customer service, and also wanting to benefit from using superior quality vendors.


  • Chip Freeman
  • Church Business Administrator
  • Bellevue Baptist Church
  • Cordova, Tennessee