Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church

I am very excited that our Cost Stewardship program in Indiana is partnering with OutTouch Ministries. They have been extremely helpful to us at the Conference level over the past 18 months and I have the highest confidence in their work as a ministry with the United Methodist Church in Indiana.

OutTouch Ministries was instrumental in us securing very positive pricing on our data storage for the Annual Conference. We are experiencing significant savings with service that keeps us aware if we have potential overage charges that we might avoid by adjusting our storage parameters.

We have also gone through a full telephone audit through OutTouch Ministries that has helped us identify and receive refunds on places where our billings were incorrect or in duplicate which will also translate to savings for us as an Annual Conference.

Just recently we started a Request For Proposal using OutTouch Ministries to facilitate the process. They are reviewing all potential telephone carriers for us and providing expertise to us in making a decision regarding our telephone services state‐wide that best meets our needs for connection, pricing and service.

Richard Halstead has a genuine heart for ministry and that has been obvious to me in working with him. He has been extremely responsive to us and “gets us” as a church organization in a way we don’t always experience in administration. I feel very fortunate that we have made that connection.

In appreciation,

  • Jennifer Gallagher, CPA
  • Director of Financial Services and Conference Treasurer
  • Indiana Conference The United Methodist Church
  • Indianapolis, Indiana