The Next Door

Over the past year, our organization has been involved with OutTouch Ministries through Shared Church Services for various opportunities. Most recently we have worked with OutTouch Ministries in order to provide the best cell phone service that would be able to provide not only cost savings, but good quality as well. We were able to find and meet this need through OutTouch with T-Mobile.

We were partnered with a very hands-on customer service representative that was able to present us with the best possiblle rates and products. It was very helpful having this representative come to our site in person and explain their benefits and services in detail. The transition from our previous provider to T-Mobile was practically seamless and very effective. I would highly recommend choosing T-Mobile through OutTouch Ministries if you are looking for a cell phone service provider.

  • Rachel LeNeave
  • Workforce Development Coordinator/Operations Assistant
  • The Next Door, Inc.
  • Nashville, TN